Welcome to MageCoupons

Trusted and valuable coupon codes, applied in hundreds of Magento stores

Welcome to MageCoupons

Welcome to MageCoupons,

There is a wide range of websites that offer coupon codes but none of them focus on Magento extensions only. That is the reason why MageCoupons was born.

Our target is to provide “high quality” coupons which are:

  • Huge discount
  • Applied for the best Magento Extensions
  • Applied in the most popular Magento Stores

On the one hand, if you are a Magento store owner, MageCoupons brings you a great opportunity to possess a lot of Magento extensions, from marketing, payment, shipping, content to site optimization, at very good price. Moreover, since all of these extensions are offered by prestigious providers such as Magestore, Tigren, MageBuzz, Aheadworks, Amasty and etc., there is no doubt about their quality. Also, you can quickly find what you need by selecting the shop name or exact category of the Magento extensions. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that most of the coupon codes are limited offers, so let’s check our website or subscribe to receive newsletter to be updated regularly.

On the other hand, if you are a Magento extension provider, MageCoupons is glad to be a “bridge” between you and your beloved customers. When submitting Magento coupon codes valued in your store to MageCoupons, there are definitely more and more people knowing your brand as well as amazing extensions. Remember to generate coupon codes in your store before create new a coupon in MageCoupons.

As you can see, MageCoupons create a win-win situation for both Magento buyers and dealers.  Join MageCoupons now to “save” and “make” your money.

For purchasers, in case you have any problems when applying the coupon codes (e.g.: invalidate, wrong code, lack of information, etc.), and for store owners, if you have any troubles when submitting the coupon codes, please contact us by sending a message to the email: info@tigren.com.



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